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BBC News - World
  • Anzac centenary marked in Gallipoli
    Australia and New Zealand hold ceremonies to mark the centenary of the military landings at Gallipoli during the First World...
  • VIDEO: Thousands mark Anzac centenary
    Thousands of people gather in Gallipoli in Turkey to mark the centenary of the military landings there during the First...
  • Mango-thrower gets presidential flat
    Venezuela's President Maduro allocates a woman a flat, after she hits him on the head with a mango.
  • Justice for historical crimes
    Is it always necessary to prosecute decades-old crimes?
  • The migrants who took over a Sicilian palace
    The African migrants who made a Sicilian palace their home
  • Iceland's Facebook war over sex education
    Musician questions sex education in Iceland
  • Clegg: No SNP 'life support' deal
    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says he would not join a government dependent on "life support" from the SNP after...
  • Getting aid to a war zone in a swarm of drones
    The plan to get aid to Syria in a swarm of drones
  • VIDEO: 'I want to play bagpipes on Everest'
    Three members of the British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas spoke to BBC News about why they want climb Everest.
  • Farage reveals hospital treatment
    UKIP leader Nigel Farage admits to being "in a great deal of pain" at the start of the general election...
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