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BBC News - World
  • Hungary migrant standoff continues
    A tense standoff on a migrant train near Budapest continues, as Hungarian MPs prepare for a key vote and fresh...
  • Joe Biden: No idea if I will run
    US Vice President Joe Biden says he "just does not know" if he has the "emotional energy" to run for...
  • Britain set to accept more refugees
    David Cameron is expected to announce plans to increase the number of refugees being allowed into the UK, taking people...
  • Pope pops out to buy new glasses
    Pope Francis draws crowds for an unusual reason - after slipping out of the Vatican to buy new glasses from...
  • VIDEO: Mother gives birth to own grandchild
    A 51-year-old woman in the US has been talking about how she gave birth to her own granddaughter.
  • VIDEO: Gay marriage row clerk jailed in US
    A US judge has ordered a Kentucky official jailed for contempt of court after she has repeatedly refused to issue...
  • US clerk jailed in gay marriage dispute
    A US judge orders a Kentucky official jailed for contempt of court after she has repeatedly refused to issue marriage...
  • Death penalty sought for Dylann Roof
    Prosecutors in South Carolina are to seek the death penalty for the man accused of shooting dead nine people at...
  • Migrants refuse to leave Hungary train
    Scuffles break out west of Budapest as police try to force migrants off a train at a refugee camp, while...
  • Abbott defends migrant boat policy
    Australia's PM Tony Abbott says the crisis on Europe's borders is proof of the need for tough asylum policies like...
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